BUSINESS UPDATE (08.04.2020)

The Sweco and MLM Crisis Management Team is continuing to closely monitor the impact of the coronavirus and provide regular updates to our colleagues. We follow UK Government advice and are committed to protecting our colleagues, contractors and clients. To read the latest update, please click on the link below:


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Today, infrastructure sectors in nations such as the UK account for over 50% of carbon emissions. As our urban population grows and the requirement for new and improved infrastructure continues in Europe, this figure could rise to as much as 90% by 2050. The report Carbon Cost in Infrastructure: The Key to the Climate Crisis? studies one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions – the infrastructure sector – and provides key insights on the costs of reaching net zero.

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Engaging Staff to Create Positive Outcomes for our Clients and Communities

As a business, we seek to unite the positive power of human curiosity with the art of engineering and design – together, we shape the future to create a more sustainable society. This purpose comes to life through our CSR activities and wellbeing framework, and generates enthusiasm for our employees to deliver our clients’ ambitions through a sense that, together, there is no goal we can’t achieve.

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