• Looking forward to officially welcoming MLM into Sweco on 1 April 2021

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  • Transforming Society Together

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    Designing Satavuo School was a textbook example of our commitment to partnership. By working with Laukaa municipality, together we created a design to inspire tomorrow’s learners. By making each project exceptional, we make the day-to-day incredible.

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  • Urban Insight

    Expert Knowledge, Innovative Thinking Putting the best information in front of the best people

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  • Together with our clients, we plan and design the sustainable communities and cities of the future

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  • British Antarctic Survey

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  • Digitalisation with BIM

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  • Building Sustainability

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  • Carbon Management

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Update regarding the merger of Sweco and MLM Group

I wanted to give you an update regarding the merger of Sweco and MLM Group. I am delighted to say that all integration activities are progressing well and the two businesses will become one on 1 April 2021. Over the next few weeks, you will notice a transition to Sweco email addresses, and we will begin to rebrand our former MLM offices. Throughout this period, I would like to assure you that the service that you have come to expect over the years, will remain of the highest quality.

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“Urban health and wellbeing” – welcome to the new urban insight theme!

How can we transform our urban living spaces for the better? In 2021, Sweco will focus the Urban Insight program on Urban Health and Wellbeing. Covid-19 has shown us that there are still many health challenges facing society today.

During the year, experts across Europe explore the concept of “the city as a vaccine” and highlight how health and the climate crisis can be tackled or mitigated by engineering and design practice.

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Sweco releases its Sustainability and Social Mobility plan

As part of this 2023 strategy, we are delighted to announce the release of our Sustainability and Social Mobility Plan which has been developed by Sweco and MLM, part of Sweco.

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