Calculation method

Unadjusted dividend 
The dividend's value at the time it was disbursed; i.e., not adjusted for issues or splits.

Adjusted dividend 
The dividend adjusted for issues and splits.

SIX Return Index - SIXRX.SE
The SIX Return Index is a market capitalisation index designed to measure market equity performance in Sweden. The index is calculated with reinvested dividends as of the ex-dates. For more information about the index, please visit

The Stockholm Stock Exchange's OMXS Index includes all the shares listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. The aim of the index is to reflect the current status and changes in the market. For more information about the index, please visit

Share price
The share price is a reflection of the trading in Sweco's two share series, A and B, quoted on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Total return
Total return is a measure of the price trend of Sweco’s shares.

The total return measure consists of reinvested dividends added to the share price value. Total return, for a given period, is defined as share price performance including the value of all reinvested dividends. The dividend is calculated as reinvested as from the day the share is traded exclusive the right to the dividend (xd date). Total return is presented in per cent and SEK.

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