Transparency and responsibility are prerequisites for Sweco’s continued success as a decentralised company that has grown faster than most.



It should be easy to do business with Sweco. There isn’t any small group of executives who maintain all important customer contacts. It is, rather, our 16,000 employees in their day-to-day meetings with customers who each assume major responsibility for their specific assignments.

This creates a great deal of flexibility, but also places high demands on our working procedures.

To read Business ethics, Anti-bribery and Corruption policy, please click here. 

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Procedures for responsible business practices

All of Sweco’s operations are required to comply with applicable laws and regulations, just as they must comply with Sweco’s internal policies and guidelines. All employees are responsible for familiarising themselves and complying with these policies and guidelines.

Business ethics underpin Sweco’s entire operations. Executive Team meeting agendas include a mandatory item on business ethics, and CSR risks are reported on a quarterly basis to Sweco’s Board of Directors.

A business ethics compass for consultants’ daily work: Business ethics relates to how we do business, how we behave towards one another, how we manage the organisation’s resources and how we act in relation to our external environment. Having a well-articulated business ethics compass in place is essential to Sweco’s ability to perform its assignments. All Sweco employees undergo business ethics training.

Take part of documents relating to Sweco's ethics framework by going to the For Partners section on the website.

Sweco UK Gender Pay Report

In 2017 regulations were introduced by the UK government which required organisations with 250 or more employees to publish their gender pay gap data. This report sets out the gender pay gap at Sweco UK, the reasons for it and the steps we are taking to address it. To read Sweco’s Gender Pay report 2017, please click here.

To read Sweco’s Gender Pay report 2018, please click here.


Business ethics and corporate social responsibility are at the heart of everything Sweco does. Sweco is committed to social responsibility and has a zero tolerance to slavery and human trafficking.

Sweco’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and Code of Conduct, apply to all companies in the Group, the board of directors, and all employees. They promote the equal rights and opportunities of employees in the workplace and guide us in maintaining trust and credibility in our stakeholders. We require all our employees confirm that they comply with these policies in all respects.

Violations of human rights are never permitted. Sweco does not tolerate child labour in any parts of its own operations or in the operations of any business partner (which includes key members of our supply chain/sub consultants), and does not permit illegal or forced labour.

To read our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking statement, please click here.


This UK Tax Strategy applies to Sweco UK Holding Limited and its UK subsidiaries (‘Sweco UK’) in accordance with Schedule 19 to the Finance Act 2016. Sweco UK Holding Limited and its UK subsidiaries are ultimately owned by Sweco AB, a Swedish listed multinational group (‘Sweco Group’).

Sweco plans and designs the cities and communities of the future. Our main contribution to society is from the work we perform for our customers in projects. However, we also create value for society by generating employment and taxable profits. A large share of our customers are public authorities and their projects are financed by taxpayers. Taking responsibility for paying tax is one way for Sweco to contribute to a sustainable society. Sweco Group’s vision is to become Europe’s most respected knowledge company in the fields of consulting engineering, environmental technology and architecture. Acting as a responsible corporate citizen and paying our fair share of tax is imperative to gain respect.

To read the Sweco UK Tax strategy, please click here.


LRQA - ISO 9001.2015 (pdf)


Sweco never asks for money from candidates as part of its recruitment process. Sweco advertises all roles via recognised advertisement boards, LinkedIn and CV databases where candidates will have previously uploaded their contact details. Sweco will only contact candidates who have directly or indirectly expressed an interest in an advertised position.

We recommend that you avoid fraudulent communications pretending to be on behalf of companies within the Sweco Group. Recent incidents have been reported involving individuals pretending to work for Sweco’s Human Resources team and claiming to be recruiting on behalf of Sweco. The individuals targeted have been advised that their qualifications were found suitable for, amongst other things, remote work for Sweco. Additionally, the communications solicit the transfer/payment of modest sums of money to pay for training with the promise of reimbursement within a few days.

Please note that such communications are fraudulent and do not originate from Sweco or any Sweco associated companies. Sweco recommends that you do not respond to unsolicited job offers, do not disclose personal or financial details to anyone you do not know.

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