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Dr Martin Brammah

Ecology Lead

Biodiversity net gain planning for developers


Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) is a policy that requires developers to ensure that any development they undertake results in a measurable increase in biodiversity, compared to the pre-development baseline. Here, our ecologists outline five imperatives for successful BNG planning and implementation.

1. Select your site

Look at your portfolio and prioritise sites of low biodiversity value to maximise your ability to achieve BNG – if in doubt ask an ecologist.

2. Begin with the baseline

Appoint an ecologist to survey the on-site habitats and calculate the pre-development Biodiversity Units – use the data to optimise your masterplan for BNG.

3. Budget for BNG

Understand your local options for off-site BNG delivery and make sure you budget accordingly – doing so early will mitigate significant financial risk and avoid costly delays.

4. Consult collaboratively

Work with all of the local stakeholders to support their priorities for nature conservation – and foster multidisciplinary collaboration to deliver the best outcomes for biodiversity (and sustainability).

5. Manage, monitor and maintain

Ensure that your supply chain has sufficient expertise to deliver the habitats required for BNG. Make sure appropriate monitoring is in place, and that a suitable legal agreement is in place to maintain BNG habitats for 30 years.