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Sweco to help boost nuclear energy transformation as part of Sizewell C Consortium


We are excited to confirm that Sweco has joined the Sizewell C Consortium – a pivotal ‘nuclear revival’ infrastructure project that will generate 3.2GW of clean energy – and play a critical role in achieving the UK’s Net Zero goals.

The Sizewell C project will bring significant funding into its heartland site in Suffolk as well as critical infrastructure across other parts of the country, providing stable jobs and consistent business opportunities over the twelve-year programme – with associated civil works alone having an estimated value of £10bn.

From end-to-end energy generation, storage and distribution consultancy to buildings, energy and transportation engineering, Sweco’s multi-disciplinary capabilities mean we can seamlessly collaborate with consortium partners on key bids to deliver a transformational project which is set to provide green electricity to 6 million homes over the next 60 years.

What is Sizewell C?

Sizewell C is a new British nuclear power station on the Suffolk coast that will build on the legacy of Hinkley Point C and support the UK’s nuclear revival. As a large-scale British infrastructure project, Sizewell C will have a marked impact on the UK’s economic prosperity, this means:

  1. 70% of construction contracts will go to British-based companies.
  2. 233,000 jobs will be supported through British-based companies, including 73,000 in the East of England of which 35,000 will be in Suffolk.
  3. Approximately £14bn invested into UK-based companies during construction.
  4. £700 million pledged to procure a steel pipeline over the next decade, supporting the long-term future of jobs in the UK steel industry.

Key expertise Sweco will bring to the Consortium:

  • Joined-up nuclear supply chain & infrastructure consultancy
  • Multi-disciplinary buildings, transportation & environmental services
  • Strategic sustainability and climate consultancy support

Andy King, Director of Energy, Water and Environment at Sweco reflects:

“Nuclear energy will be a key part of the energy mix in the UK, providing lower-carbon, secure base-load power for millions of people.  We are ready to play a part in the Sizewell C Consortium, with a range of local expertise based in Suffolk and East Anglia, and from across the UK.”

Stephen Payne, Sweco’s Development Infrastructure Team Manager adds:

“The most rewarding part of joining the Sizewell C Consortium is being involved in a scheme of such scale – which will bring affordable, secure energy to millions of people while also improving their lives day-to-day through infrastructure upgrades in the region.”

Bringing growth to regional economies

The nuclear industry sustains thousands of high-skilled jobs across the whole of the UK.

Since 90% of the sector is located out of London and the South East, the jobs and growth brought about by the UK’s nuclear revival has been delivered to the heart of the UK’s regional economies, supporting the Government’s levelling up agenda.

Sizewell C will capitalise on the strength of the UK’s nuclear industry and continue to bolster it – the Nuclear Industry Association has predicted that as many as 300,000 jobs and £33bn economic value could be added by a new nuclear programme.

Securing and accelerating the UK’s future clean growth

By building on the legacy of Hinkley Point C’s well established supply chain, Sizewell C can spread the jobs and skills it will create right across the country.

Without another nuclear project to transfer skills onto, thousands of specialist jobs will be lost as workers demobilise off Hinkley Point C.

The British Energy Security Strategy has set out the Government’s ambition to progress up to 8 more nuclear reactors. Sizewell C is ready to support these ambitions and will provide 7% of the UK’s electricity from a low-carbon source.

The Sizewell C Consortium’s Commitments to date

1. North of England: 41,000 jobs created and £2.5bn investment.

2. Wales: 14,900 jobs created and £900m investment.

3. East of England: 73,000 jobs created and £4.4bn investment (including £2bn in Suffolk).

At Sweco, we have the global resource, the interdisciplinary skill set and the agile approach to energy consultancy you need to take meaningful action from generation, and transmission to distribution and storage. To discuss your needs – from due diligence and development planning to infrastructure design and transport planning, contact us below.