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Meet our Graduates

What is it like to work for Sweco? Hear from our Graduates in their own words

From planning entire cities to combatting climate change, at Sweco you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to innovative projects that impress and add value in equal measure.

You’ll gain the skills, knowledge, and experience to develop a successful early career with our Graduate Development Programme. You’ll be supported and trusted to drive your own development and you’ll benefit from training, personal development and mentoring as you grow. Our professional schemes can even lead to Chartered status. Our programme will provide you with greater opportunities to gain valuable experience, build relevant competencies and enhance the personal qualities that are important for developing successful, rewarding careers.

Below, three of our graduates describe their current jobs, why they chose Sweco, whether Sweco has lived up to their expectations and what advice they have for fellow graduates.


Georgina Buffham

Say yes to every opportunity. That is Georgina Buffham’s advice to fellow Graduates. She has been with Sweco since 2019 and enjoys the opportunities she gets of both improving the business and herself.

Desislava Petkova

Although based in Manchester, Desislava Petkova has worked on projects all over the UK and Ireland. She is currently involved in several projects in both the private and the public sector.

Jordan Bamber

The Sweco Graduate Programme has allowed Jordan Bamber to develop a broad network that otherwise would have been difficult to achieve. He now draws on that network when he works on several road improvement projects.