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Digital Services @ Sweco

We are platform-innovators, tool-creators, technology-shapers, data analysers, future-visualisers, jargon-simplifiers and difference-makers.

At Sweco, we’re committed to expanding both capability and capacity through the use of new and innovative digital and cloud-based tools. Whether we’re providing end-to-end advisory and remote asset management services or value-add animations, Digital Twins and other types of big data visualisation, we know that our focus on digital game-changing will be fundamental to designing and optimising sustainable solutions.

Wider digital capabilities

  • AR/VR
  • Co-ordination Management/Clash Detection
  • Data Attribute Checking
  • Digital Reporting
  • Digital Twins
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions/Cost Accounting
  • Remote Asset Management
  • 4D Timeline Modelling

Digital thinking underpins how we assess, scope, plan and deliver projects – it’s fundamental to how we design, connect and optimise sustainable solutions to meet the needs of our communities, our cities and our environment. At Sweco, we’re focusing on expanding our capability and capacity to increase our use of new and effective tools that will enhance all project lifecycles.

Max Joy OBE Sweco UK President


Building the future through circular data: tools for mining the ‘green gold’