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Digital Services

We are platform-innovators, tool-creators, technology-shapers, data analysers and difference-makers.

We understand that clients, regulators and governments are setting new requirements – and expectations – when it comes to planning and delivery. From whole life costs and carbon management to risk mitigation and operational performance, we know that a commitment to ‘digital value’ throughout the project lifecycle is critical to success.

At Sweco, we’re committed to expanding both capability and capacity through the use of new and innovative tools. Whether we’re providing end-to-end advisory and remote asset management services or value-add animations, Digital Twins and other types of big data visualisation, we know that our focus on digital game-changing will be fundamental to designing and optimising sustainable solutions.

Our core digital solutions

Introducing the Sustainability Sun™

The Sweco Sustainability Sun™ is a visual assessment tool that provides at-a-glance, data-driven illustration of an organisation’s climate action and wider sustainability successes – or shortcomings. Developed in 2018, it was the first digital innovation in the industry to give business the ability to assess if, and to what extent, its product, programme or whole project activity contributes to the 17 UN Sustainability Development Goals (UNSDGs).

The Sweco Sustainability Sun

New: Digital Reporting for EIA’s

Digital environmental impact assessments are increasingly important in helping developers to bring forward developments that respond directly to the needs of communities – and as COP26 approaches, the opportunity to switch to paperless digital reporting is particularly timely. Contact Rebecca McLean for more information about digital reporting.

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