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Digital Advisory Services

Our world is being increasingly digitalised and digitally transformed. Organisations, regulators, and government are setting new requirements to digitally test designs before committing to build to incorporate whole life cost, reduce carbon footprints, model risks, and operational outcomes.

Operations and maintenance lifecycle phases require integration of data sets to reduce information overload. IoT is complicating the situation so data science and analytics services are provided to enable better understanding and decision making. Our digital advisory service is founded on award-winning UK expertise in the strategic and practical implementation of BIM (Better Information Management) through procurement, construction, handover and operation.

Transforming society, digitally

Society at large is also rapidly changing to keep pace with accelerating technology developments. Values are also changing in response to climate change, awareness of sustainability challenges, the Covid-19 pandemic and supply chain challenges. Sweco actively responds to these changing values and represents them in digital format to lead with and support our clients to higher levels of digital maturity.

Our skills are enhanced by our geospatial information experts who have created innovative ways to visualise and understand data, our best-in-class operational technology team and our Scandinavian colleagues who are developing world-leading digital solutions for clients and bringing these to the UK.

Mike Taylor Operations Director


Together with our clients and the collective knowledge of our 18,000 engineers, consultants and other specialists, we co-create solutions to address urbanisation, capture the power of digitalisation, and make our societies more sustainable.​ With international multi-disciplinary teams, we can call on the right insight and technical capability at the right time from across Buildings, Infrastructure, Advisory & Planning and Compliance.​
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