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Parametric Design (BIM)

Parametric design utilises visual scripting and automation which allows clients to ‘build before they build’. At every stage, our engineers can work with you to set project parameters and generate an interactive digital model of all possible build iterations.

At its core, Parametric 3D modelling uses algorithmic prototypes to interrogate ideas and hypotheses at the crucial decision-making stage. This gives you and your stakeholders the ability to pressure-test likely efficiency and refine unproven aesthetics for ambitious (often abstract) concepts.

Build before you build

The parametric design process allows designers to embrace connected intelligent components and employ innovative parametric tools to rapidly create much more optimised design solutions. This in turn reduces re-work and enhances refinement with fewer resources.

The connected design and its parameters can be shared for input and collaboration with other metrics such as those related to buildability and operations. This allows increased design control over the finished product. Parametric design plays a fundamental role in digital transformation. For example its role in a circular economy, DfMA (Design for Manufacturing & Assembly) and the Digital Twinning of a built asset.

At Sweco, our leading-edge parametric design tools also allow us to interactively compute various outputs using intelligent scripting. This approach helps our client teams make the right decisions. By finding the right input parameters and interrogating geometric logic, we can produce an efficient and appropriate design based on a variety of contextual and external parameters. Ultimately, we can enable stakeholders to ‘build in theory’ before the potentially costly exercise of building physical prototypes.


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