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And now we have the game-changer: the Apprenticeship Levy!

From April 2017, large employers, including Sweco, will pay an apprenticeship levy of 0.5 per cent on annual pay bills. Whether you agree with the levy or not, it is clear this policy will deliver a massive change for the larger UK businesses. As we are paying in, it is crucial to see how we can get a return, which is why we need to think about how to deploy apprentices here at Sweco. Read more

Interview with Rukky Omonisa on his apprenticeship experience with Network75

In September 2016, Rukky Omonisa joined our Cardiff office as an undergraduate apprentice from the Network75 programme. Network75 at the University of South Wales is a combined work and study route to a degree where undergraduates can apply their academic knowledge to real-life work within a host company. During term-time, students work in a local business 3 days per week and attend university 2 days per week. During holiday periods, students work 5 days per week at their host company. Read more

Sweco supports National Apprenticeship Week 2017

Sweco is delighted to be celebrating the 10th annual National Apprenticeship Week, taking place from 6-10 March. This year s theme is the ladder of opportunity which celebrates the diversity of all apprenticeships, from traineeships through to higher and degree apprenticeships. Read more

Future – Proofing Our Energy System

On January 12th, the Government closed it long-awaited consultation paper A Smart, Flexible Energy System , a call for evidence which asked businesses for advice on how to best to develop a smarter, more flexible and user-friendly energy system. Read more

Sweco supports the relief work in Haiti following Hurricane Mathew

MapAction is a UK based charity, and the world s only NGO with the capacity to deploy a fully trained and equipped humanitarian mapping and information management team anywhere on the planet. Since 2003, the team has been deployed to over 60 events. In 2016, the team has been in the Bahamas, Jamaica, Haiti, Nigeria, Iraq, Tanzania, Cape Verde, Ecuador, Paraguay and Fiji. Read more

Making Light Work of Compaction Control

Our Technical Manager, Malcolm Durie, assesses the role of light weight deflectometers in construction foundation testing and considers the benefits for contractors, specifiers and roads authorities. Read more

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