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Sweco Gets Active During Wellbeing Month

From 13-24 June, Sweco UK employees will be engaged in various activities in celebration of Wellbeing Month. Building on last year s success, the week will focus on the three themes of Physical Wellbeing (Diet and Exercise); Mental Wellbeing (Active Mind, Stress and Resilience) and Social (Society and Mutual Support). Read more

Geoffrey Palmer’s CIBSE Journal Opinion Piece on ‘Climate of change: are our cities overheating?’

In the November 2015 edition of the CIBSE Journal, Sweco's Director of Energy, Planning and Design, Geoffrey Palmer has written an opinion piece calling on designers to think outside the box in terms of how rather than what we build. With so much high-end speculative residential development, he believes that designers also need to reconsider diversity in our energy efficient buildings that may not always have full occupancy.
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