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Interview with Rukky Omonisa on his apprenticeship experience with Network75

In September 2016, Rukky Omonisa joined our Cardiff office as an undergraduate apprentice from the Network75 programme. Network75 at the University of South Wales is a combined work and study route to a degree where undergraduates can apply their academic knowledge to real-life work within a host company. During term-time, students work in a local business 3 days per week and attend university 2 days per week. During holiday periods, students work 5 days per week at their host company.

As part of the agreement with Network75, Sweco pays Rukky s university fees and provides him with learning and development opportunities. In return, Rukky gains invaluable work experience through hands on experience and mentoring.

As part of National Apprenticeship Week, we asked Rukky to tell us a little bit more about his decision to go down the apprenticeship route, his experience at Sweco and the benefits of an apprenticeship.

Why did you decide to go down the route of Network75?

I decided to go down this route because it allows me to work towards achieving a degree whilst gaining valuable experience in the field of Civil Engineering.

Why did you chose Sweco?

I chose Sweco based on the research I conducted on the company. Following my interview, it was further reinforced that this was a company which would provide me with the expertise and training I needed to develop my career.

How have you and your role progressed since being at Sweco?

Since joining Sweco, I have been introduced to different software packages such as AutoCAD and how they are used in project work. I am also much more confident and comfortable working on projects of high importance which I never thought I would be allowed to work on.

What do you like most about working at Sweco and about your job?

I like designing using the variety of software available and hope to get more involved in technical design work in the future.

What have you been working on since you joined us in September?

Since joining Sweco, most of my time has been spent working on transportation projects. For example, I have helped to collate and draw how a new road alignment will impact on the utility companies. I have also learnt about the Highways England Project Control Framework on the projects in which I am involved.

What do you see of the benefits of an apprenticeship? Would you recommend it to others?

Being an apprenticeship has a lot of benefits and if I had the opportunity over again, I would definitely chose an apprenticeship over university. An apprenticeship provides students with training in their chosen field that will be relevant to their career when they complete their education.


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