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Urban vertical farming project to unearth ‘urban agriculture’ opportunities at COP26

Sweco is helping showcase the possibilities and benefits of reclaiming unused built environment space for community-based food production, with an exciting Eco Hub project at COP26

We are proud to be planting even more seeds of sustainability as part of  @ #COP26: a ‘flat-pack’ vertical farming project designed to resurrect vacant urban land as a space for growing food.

Plantimate aims to overcome the challenges of producing food in an efficient, sustainable and easy to implement manner within our often cluttered, space-limited built environment. The ‘flat pack’ vertical food growing concept is modular by design, which means it can be used as an individual unit or as a larger agricultural network. In turn, Plantimate can be used in a variety of urban spaces and brings together social, economic and environmental benefits in an effort to improve access to healthy, locally grown, affordable food.

Plantimate combines affordability, rapid construction and multiple growing cycles by streamlining processes in 3D printing, hydroponics, modularisation and renewable energy.

As a key Plantimate partner, Sweco is providing an Environmental Impact Assessment screening report for this exciting wetland project along the River Clyde in Glasgow, which aims to provide education and recreation to visitors and the local community by incorporate constructed wetlands, urban activities and an Eco Hub showcase.

Contact Josh MacPhee for more information on this groundbreaking Agri-tech innovation or get in touch with Rebecca McLean for details on our EIA solutions.