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It’s time to step up, and speed up

This summer’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report provided a stark reminder that the world is failing in its efforts to save itself. COP26 represents ‘our last best chance’ to unite and accelerate climate action ‘to step up and speed up’ as we look to re-energise our collective responsibility to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

At Sweco UK, and across Sweco Group as a whole, we aim to be a role model in sustainability, taking responsibility for and being part of the solution to society’s sustainability and carbon reduction challenges.

We understand that the best way to affect the necessary change is through the projects we deliver. And because of this, our commitment is to do even more to support and challenge our clients in delivering innovative solutions through expert consultancy and high-quality design.

We know that the focus must also be on changing behaviours in our own organisation too. By firstly prioritising our Environmental, Social & Governance ambitions over the next five years, and then going on to achieve Net Zero by 2030 (10 years earlier than Sweco Group and Pledge To Net Zero’s own deadline of 2040).  We aim to become the go-to sustainability partner for clients who need to set and meet their own climate action ambitions in line with local and global targets.

Only by collaborating with our clients and partners, inspiring our people and ensuring the climate conversation stays at the heart of our consultancy will we achieve our goal of transforming society together.

Max Joy OBE, President of Sweco UK