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Waste-to-energy: Sweco set to make Barbados green leader in the Caribbean

While the pandemic has paralyzed projects in developing countries for more than half a year, the demand for cleantech competencies has not diminished. Despite the corona shutdown, Sweco s international division has won assignments in countries such as Kazakhstan, Benin, Kosovo and most recently Barbados.

Sweco is to conduct a major study of the most environmentally friendly and economically advantageous solutions for generating energy from waste in the small island state in the Caribbean. This is the second project in the island state that Sweco is implementing.

“The project in Barbados is part of a framework agreement with the EU, where we will examine various waste incineration technologies that will strengthen the country’s sustainable development. We have extensive experience in generating energy from waste, and this is what we, among other things, must look at in Barbados,” explains Raquel Alvarez, project manager in Sweco’s international division.

The small island state in the Caribbean is one of the world’s smallest but most densely populated countries. According to Raquel Alvarez, Barbados is very busy taking the lead in the environmental and climate field in the Caribbean and involving other countries in the region in the green transition.