A combined approach for carbon reduction in London


A combined approach for carbon reduction in London

21 July 2020
Sweco and MLM have combined forces to provide a low carbon solution for the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.

The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham is currently working on their road map for energy and carbon reduction. They are addressing the climate emergency by putting in place highly efficient sustainability measures for the council Town Hall.

MLM and Sweco have been selected to provide a life cycle assessment in partnership with the council for the refurbishment and extension of this grade 2 listed building. This will include a detailed embodied carbon assessment, a review of its energy consumption and an evaluation of its energy use following the improvements undertaken and the new design.

The purpose of the work undertaken is to implement a building design that demonstrates how to reduce carbon emissions and monitor energy consumption regularly and to have this in place before the publication of the latest policy.

Sweco will undertake a lifecycle assessment as part of the design to focus on embodied carbon and provide recommendations to improve emissions related to the embodied carbon.

MLM will be conducting an assessment of the amount of energy the building has been using in last 5 years, how the design will affect the project and put forward recommendations and projections for the future to ensure that the energy costs will be in line with what has been designed. The objective is to produce a low energy building for the future, based on CIBSE TM34.

Cyril Knabe-Nicol, Principal Building Energy Consultant at MLM, explains how this project is a great way forward for both MLM and Sweco.

“This is one of the biggest investments MLM and Sweco have undertaken as a combined team. Sweco’s expertise of embodied carbon is linked with MLM energy platform ensuring our client has the right people for the job.

“MLM and Sweco have been in regular meetings to establish a firm relationship and look at the wider solution. Sweco is a leader in Sustainability design and keen to share knowledge and identify common themes. Our different experiences provide us with a blue sky view for the client.

“This is the type of client we want to be working with in the future. It is an evolution of both our services and the market, which fits nicely with our 2023 vision. The scale is different, clients are different but the purpose remains the same.”

Lewis Barlow, Technical Director at Sweco supports this.

“Our combined skills, experience and low-carbon leadership allow us to help our clients achieve their objectives while minimising carbon and cost. This important commission reflects an increasing awareness across the industry that everything we design and build needs to be considered in the context of the climate emergency.”

This is supported by the Sweco Social and Mobility plan, which provides a detailed overview of our commitment to sustainability for our clients and outlines our path to net zero emissions by 2030.

Click here to read the 2023 Sustainability and Social Mobility Plan.