New UK Climate Change Projections Launched

New UK Climate Change Projections Launched

4 December 2018
On Monday 26 November, the 10-year anniversary of the UK Climate Change Act, the UK Government published updated Met Office projections for anticipated climate change over the 21st Century.

Known as UKCP18, this major update to the UK’s mid-to-long term climate projections builds on previous data (UKCP09) and is the most authoritative and comprehensive assessment of its kind. The projections, for both land and marine environments, have been produced based on the latest developments in climate science and can be used as a tool to guide decision-making and increase project resilience.

A summary of the update can be found on the Met Office website here.

These climate change projections are important to us at Sweco as they are used to help ensure our projects are resilient to future climate change over their design life. This is known as an adaptation or resilience assessment, which is a key requirement of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process. Design teams are provided with the latest climate change projections by our Carbon & Sustainability team, which holds this data centrally, and can provide further information or advice as required.

Low Carbon Leadership at Sweco

Sweco’s multi award-winning Carbon & Sustainability team are also skilled at reducing carbon in projects, known as climate change mitigation. This includes training to ensure our design teams understand where the carbon sits in their discipline and the role they have in reducing carbon emissions and helping to prevent climate change. The team’s international research into the relationship between carbon and cost is confirming that a focus on carbon reduction will also provide cost savings and add significant value for our clients.

“We have entered a new phase at Sweco in the area of climate change, where our clients are increasingly recognising both the global environmental requirement and the financial value in addressing this important issue. Acknowledged as Low Carbon Leaders in the civil engineering industry, Sweco has the skills and experience to help our clients achieve their sustainability objectives,” said Lewis Barlow, Technical Director, Carbon & Sustainability.


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