Sweco Business Continuity (Updated 19 March 2020)

Sweco Business Continuity (Updated 19 March 2020)

19 March 2020
The Sweco and MLM Crisis Management Team is continuing to closely monitor the impact of the coronavirus and provide regular updates to our colleagues. We follow UK Government advice and are committed to protecting our colleagues, contractors and clients.

We are committed to keeping our clients up to date in relation to Coronavirus risk, with detailed communication plans already in place to notify clients ASAP in the event of a confirmed diagnosis in the future. We have asked all our managers to advise if any member of their team has symptoms or is diagnosed with Coronavirus and to contact the HR team for advice and guidance. Where an individual or member of their household has a high temperature or cough, we have asked colleagues to self-isolate and not enter any office or site. We have also asked any colleague who has recently returned from abroad to self-isolate.

When we receive specific Coronavirus information from clients it is shared with relevant teams, and if necessary, escalated for review by Sweco’s Crisis Management Team.

We have a robust process in place in order to maintain business continuity. All Sweco colleagues are encouraged to work from home and use Skype / Teams technology rather than work in offices or travel to meetings. We have significantly expanded our VPN access and most of our consultants already have laptops and are able to work from home, enabling service delivery to continue as normal. Where individuals do not have laptops or need additional technology to work from home, we have put additional measures in place. We have provided Line Managers with guidance to support their home working teams. We maintain a high level of communications across all our teams, with a dedicated intranet page for Coronavirus and business continuity information. We are also using video messaging to communicate all-company updates. Sweco and MLM colleagues are reviewing and updating risk assessments as appropriate, with the focus on maintaining a safe working environment for themselves, our clients and contractors.

We do not forsee the Coronavirus as having an impact on our current employee structure and we do not envisage any significant supply chain risks in association with the Coronavirus.