Sweco Shares Its Expertise In Sustainable Design At BRE


Sweco Shares Its Expertise In Sustainable Design At BRE

20 September 2019

Our Head of Building Sustainability, Kartik Amrania presented to the BREEAM team on 18 September. Kartik shared his design guide 2014 and PoE (Principles of Engineering) on Bloomberg, which is the highest BREEAM-rated office building in the world. Sweco was appointed by Bloomberg in 2010 to provide building services consultancy, including fire engineering and vertical transportation.

Members of the BREEAM team were impressed by Kartik’s presentation and the idea of our early design guide. Alan Yates, Technical Director at BRE Group, said: “Your support on the early engagement requirements in materials and energy stood out for me. It is good to hear that we have support from those at the leading edge on this issue.” BRE Group look forward to working together with us as they are keen to demonstrate the value of early engagement with the BREEAM process, in terms of achieving maximum benefits for clients and design teams.

With several of our buildings achieving BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ ratings and being recognised by BRE as the BREEAM Company of the year for 2014, 2016 and 2017 and BREEAM/ecobuild Champion in 2018, we are the leading civil engineering consultancy in sustainable design. To find out more about our expertise in sustainable design, please click here.