Asset Management

Asset Management converts the aims of an organisation into the practical implications for acquiring, creating, maintaining, disposing or renewing assets to deliver those aims. Sweco's asset management practice helps clients to deliver the maximum value from their fixed assets: people, finance, equipment, technology, land, buildings or structures, to enable the highest possible standards of service delivery, within risk and financial constraints. We are approved as endorsed assessor by the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) for PAS 55 and ISO 55000.


  • Asset Lifecycle Planning and Cost Modelling
  • Asset Management Maturity
  • Asset Optimisation
  • Automation and Control
  • Business Support Services
  • Gap Analysis and Capability Review
  • Instrumentation
  • Investment Strategy and Planning
  • Operational Policy
  • Organisational Structure and Culture
  • PAS 55/ISO 55,000 Assessment and Certification
  • Performance Forecasting and Modelling
  • Real Time Systems and Data
  • Regulation
  • Remote Terminal Units
  • Risk and Value Management
  • Site SCADA Systems
  • Strategic Business Consultancy
  • Technical and Financial Due Diligence
  • Telemetry Systems

Telemetry Systems

Sweco knows that millions of customers depend on our clients to deliver continuous, high quality service: and effective systems and safeguards for operation and monitoring are essential.

As one of few UK specialists in this area, our team has been assisting utility companies with provision of both first time telemetry systems and their replacement/ upgrades since the early 1980’s with cost effective telemetry and automation strategies for companies to meet their business drivers and regulatory requirements.

Sweco has helped utility clients manage their dispersed asset base more effectively, advised on how best to replace an existing obsolete telemetry system, and have reviewed and monitored the collected plant and process data before recommending improvements to asset data.

We have close links with several telemetry supplier user groups and are one of the founders of the Water Industry Telemetry Standards (WITS) Group, which developed the water industry version of the DNP3 protocol for field devices to communicate to master stations.