Building Engineering

Our multi-disciplinary offering allows us to work holistically with all stakeholders, ensuring our designs are technically robust whilst also delivering elegance and value. The common bond throughout any project is communication and personal relationships. We provide analysis, design and site monitoring for all aspects of building related projects. Our expertise and knowledge allow us to design and deliver solutions which minimise the use of natural resources and provide value for our clients throughout the project life cycle.


  • Building Acoustics
  • Building Façade Engineering
  • Building Services
  • Building Structures
  • Building Services Asset Consultancy
  • BIM
  • Fire Engineering
  • ICT, Electronic Security and AV
  • Intelligent Building Solutions
  • Mission Critical
  • Vertical Transportation


Sweco are specialists in the use of BIM (Building Information Modelling) to inform decision making and streamline the project process from design to construction. BIM is also used throughout the life of the asset, helping clients manage risks, costs, improve planning and operation.

We aim to provide higher value and maximise the asset lifecycle performance for our clients with the implementation of BIM, and at the same time become more efficient and collaborative.

In Sweco, we implement a consolidated effort across all practices, disciplines and services in the adoption of BIM. Our award winning approach is to look ahead, and to collaborate, such that we fully understand future asset management requirements.

We apply BIM processes into our delivery requirements that embrace Integrated Project Delivery methodologies to define the information required. This approach drives savings by realising fewer delays and disputes within the team, better management of project risk and better understanding of where costs are being incurred.