Building Engineering

Our multi-disciplinary offering allows us to work holistically with all stakeholders, ensuring our designs are technically robust whilst also delivering elegance and value. The common bond throughout any project is communication and personal relationships. We provide analysis, design and site monitoring for all aspects of building related projects. Our expertise and knowledge allow us to design and deliver solutions which minimise the use of natural resources and provide value for our clients throughout the project life cycle.


  • Building Acoustics
  • Building Façade Engineering
  • Building Services
  • Building Structures
  • Building Services Asset Consultancy
  • BIM
  • Fire Engineering
  • ICT, Electronic Security and AV
  • Intelligent Building Solutions
  • Mission Critical
  • Vertical Transportation

Mission Critical

Mission critical facilities require highly resilient infrastructure to ensure businesses, operations and systems operate effectively and continuously.

Our clients cannot afford for their facilities and businesses to shut down or experience periods of failure. From data centres to back up supplies coupled with our understanding of their business needs, we can provide clients with the most resilient and energy-efficient design solutions to ensure they remain fully operational at all times.

Click here for an interactive game which has been developed to demonstrate to clients the resilience and reliability of any electrical/mechanical infrastructure, before proceeding with the design and/or construction of the mission critical facility. The game is a dynamic simulation of the mission critical facility, to show the end user how the system will react under multiple failure scenarios.

For more information on our mission critical services, please click here.