Building Engineering

Our multi-disciplinary offering allows us to work holistically with all stakeholders, ensuring our designs are technically robust whilst also delivering elegance and value. The common bond throughout any project is communication and personal relationships. We provide analysis, design and site monitoring for all aspects of building related projects. Our expertise and knowledge allow us to design and deliver solutions which minimise the use of natural resources and provide value for our clients throughout the project life cycle.


  • Building Acoustics
  • Building Façade Engineering
  • Building Services
  • Building Structures
  • Building Services Asset Consultancy
  • BIM
  • Fire Engineering
  • ICT, Electronic Security and AV
  • Intelligent Building Solutions
  • Mission Critical
  • Vertical Transportation

Vertical Transportation

In addition to providing easy access for the people using a building, Sweco engineers understand that a well-designed lifts and escalators system enhances its image and atmosphere, as well as optimising valuable letting space for the client.

We have extensive experience designing effective and innovative lift and escalator systems for buildings of all sizes, in locations all over the world.

We conceived the lifting strategy for The St Botolph Building in London, currently the largest single group of multi-car lifts in the world, which realised a valuable increase in lettable area of around 30,000 ft² (5%) for our client.

Sweco’s vertical transportation engineers are professionals with many years’ experience in this specialist area. We work collaboratively with our wider team to offer fire protection advice and risk management.

We use specialist traffic analysis software to predict system performance.

Our specialist engineering expertise and experience means we are invited to advise on codes and standards bodies in the industry, giving us an influencing role in shaping sustainable and effective systems for the future.