Building Standards

Our Assigned Certifier, Building Control, and Health & Safety teams provide a flexible approach which is both proactive and commercially aware. We offer expert advice on all associated acts, legislation and other regulatory, advisory and good practice guidelines affecting developments. Working across all sectors, our teams apply a creative, problem solving approach, working alongside either traditional design procurement or with design and build teams. We make a significant difference to spatial planning through creative advice on building regulations, compliance requirements and performance of the development. We seek involvement at the earliest stages to ensure compliance issues are understood and effectively risk managed to protect the client’s interests and deliver a cost-effective project.


  • Building Control
  • Health and Safety
  • Assigned Certifier

Assigned Certifier

Assigned Certifiers appointed by the Building Owner to inspect and certify the building works and to coordinate the certification.

As one of the leading independent third party Assigned Certifiers, we take charge of the BCAR process.

We engender a culture of compliance within the team and are always ready to offer expert advice and guidance. We assist the team in producing a high-quality development to budget and programme. Our system is not overly complex and is driven by client needs.

Working across all sectors we ensure a timely delivery of the completed project, prompt certification of completion and inclusion of the building on the register to allow occupation.

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