Carbon Management

At Sweco, we understand the challenge that climate change presents and we recognise our responsibility as designers and engineers to reduce carbon emissions. Our innovative yet straightforward approach to managing carbon and cost has led us to be recognised as international experts and leaders in the civil engineering industry. We apply our expertise to projects, organisations, local authorities and cities to help our clients reduce carbon as efficiently as possible and plan for a net-zero carbon future.


  • Carbon / Cost Consultancy
  • EIA Climate Assessment
  • Low Carbon Infrastructure
  • Carbon Reduction Training
  • Sustainability Strategy Development
  • Carbon Footprint Verification

Carbon Reduction Training

Our dedicated Carbon & Sustainability Team is highly experienced in providing low carbon training to stakeholders at all levels.

We work closely with our clients to ensure our training is tailored to their organisation, projects and goals. We offer inspirational and meaningful insights on best practice, development of strategic objectives and targets for carbon reduction.

Our sustainability leadership seminars and carbon / cost workshops have proven to be central in helping our clients future-proof their projects and steer their organisations towards a net-zero carbon future. Our practical advice not only enables cost-efficient carbon reduction, it also helps our clients to clearly demonstrate their progress towards genuine sustainability.