Carbon Management

At Sweco, we understand the challenge that climate change presents and we recognise our responsibility as designers and engineers to reduce carbon emissions. Our innovative yet straightforward approach to managing carbon and cost has led us to be recognised as international experts and leaders in the civil engineering industry. We apply our expertise to projects, organisations, local authorities and cities to help our clients reduce carbon as efficiently as possible and plan for a net-zero carbon future.


  • Carbon / Cost Consultancy
  • EIA Climate Assessment
  • Low Carbon Infrastructure
  • Carbon Reduction Training
  • Sustainability Strategy Development
  • Carbon Footprint Verification

Sustainability Strategy Development

Carbon reduction is most effective when it stems from a robust strategy that is fully supported by senior management. Our clients trust us to share our expertise at the highest organisational level to enable them to demonstrate low carbon leadership.

We have developed sustainability strategies for international organisations and substantial infrastructure projects in the UK, using the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals to ensure alignment with the latest sustainability approaches. This allows a structured focus on carbon reduction that can be actively monitored at board level.

We work closely with our clients to develop sustainable management systems, compatible with progressive carbon reduction strategies. From national infrastructure to international logistics, our experience enables clients to benefit from the latest knowledge in the field.