Blackburn Meadows STW

As part of the Yorkshire Water AMP6 Medium Treatment Framework, Sweco (within MS2JV joint venture) were appointed by Yorkshire Water to investigate, design and construct a new sludge cake processing facility at Blackburn Meadows STW.


Client: Yorkshire Water

Location: Sheffield

Date: 2016 - 2018

Value: £8m


In 2014 Yorkshire Water undertook investigations and an option appraisal for the works required at BBM and developed a notional solution for the works. The solution included a new dual stream cake import facility and provision of a new dedicated washwater pumping system.

Yorkshire Water commissioned MS2JV to undertake cost assessment of the solution.

MS2JV produced a costed proposal for the Clients notional solution which was above the Clients budgetary constraints.

Given that statement, the proposed notional solution was revised by Yorkshire Water. The revised solution comprised a duty only cake import stream utilising the existing site washwater pumping system.


Blackburn Meadows (BBM) STW is a Sewage Treatment Works located on Alsing Road (Sheffield), and treats waste water from a population equivalent of over 832,000 people, including several key industrial sites. It is considered one of the largest sewage works in Yorkshire.

Works were required to add a sludge cake processing capacity. This facility accepts imported sludge cake at up to 28% dry solids (DS) and re-wets the cake to about 7%DS for processing in the digestion system.

The solution included the construction of a new sludge cake import facility which comprises 1 new covered sludge conveyor and screw conveyor to a new sludge rewetting pump and a new sludge rising main feeding the digester feed tanks. A ventilation system and a control MCC were also provided. The new facility has a capacity to process 30m3 of sludge cake to the digester feed tanks in no more than 2 hours.

Primary Services:

• Feasibility Study
• Process Design
• Optioneering
• Geotechnical Investigations
• Environmental Surveys
• Environmental permit applications
• Stakeholder Management
• Hydraulic Analysis
• Civil & Structural Engineering Design
• MEICA Design
• Cost Assessments

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The Value Engineering process undertaken by MS2JV concluded that the revised notional solution was cost effective.

MS2JV was further appointed by Yorkshire Water to implement the revised notional solution.

The new solution at Blackburn Meadow STW included:

• New duty cake import facility which will process 30m3 of sludge in no more than 2hours
• New access road and hardstanding area for tanker movements and discharge
• New ventilation unit and slab for the sludge belt cover
• A sequence of traffic lights indicating availability of the sludge belt
• New connection at the existing washwater main for provision of wetting water/ Extension of existing washwater main to supply wetting water to the new import facility
• New MCC for the Sludge Cake Imports
• New GRP kiosk to house the new MCC
• New sludge rising main to digester feed tanks with macerator