Buttercup Montessori Kindergarten Chelmsford

Enabling the development of a new nursery in Chelmsford, without affecting the site’s great crested newt population.


Client:  Buttercup Montessori Kindergarten Limited

Services: Advisory & Planning


This project consisted of the development of a new nursery on an area of undeveloped land, which supported great crested newts.


Due to the team’s expertise on great crested newts, the appropriate licences were obtained for the scheme and mitigation was implemented ensuring the scheme could go ahead without affecting the great crested newt population. Planning for the potential development of an adjacent plot was also considered to ensure any mitigation conducted did not pose a potential constraint on the landowners’ adjacent plot.


  • Preliminary ecological appraisal
  • Reptile, great crested newt and bat roost potential surveys
  • European Protected Species licence application
  • Production of mitigation strategy for great crested newts including the adjacent plot to ensure cumulative effects of both projects were considered
  • Implementation of great crested newt mitigation, including relocation and provision of an ecological clerk of works during site clearance
  • Post development monitoring of great crested newt population