Colchester Town Station Colchester

Drainage issues at Colchester Town Station called for inspections along an 800m stretch of track.


Client: Kier Rail

Service: Infrastructure, Advisory & Planning

Main Contractor: Keir Rail


Sweco were commissioned to undertake a Grip Stage 2 pre-feasibility inspection and report on drainage issues associated with approximately 800m of track at Colchester Town Station, including carrying out an environmental assessment. This included ecological studies and surveys of grassland and woodlands along the lines that could be affected by rail work through this important wildlife corridor.


The main drainage problem was uncontrolled surface water run-off from various areas of adjacent land that was feeding into the track drainage system, resulting in waterlogged track beds and standing water. The track alignment was poor and some settlements were found adjacent to an under-bridge. The report our engineers produced set out broad options for further investigations and lines of enquiry at Grip Stage 3 to resolve these matters.

The environmental assessment report also included an overview of the potential environmental hazards that may be affected by the engineering works. This provided the client with a comprehensive impact assessment and recommendations to mitigate ecological and environmental impacts highlighted early in the design stage so these could be planned in with the required engineering works.