Cuningar Loop


Location: Cuningar Loop, Rutherglen, Glasgow

Client: Clyde Gateway URC


Fee - £80k
Construction - £3-5m

Date: 2018 - Ongoing


Sweco supported the client to identify a preferred development option for their 12.5ha brownfield site. The client’s preferred option for the northern section of the site was an interactive public open space with educational areas and a network of pathways through trees and along a bank of the River Clyde.

Sweco was commissioned to undertake a comprehensive constraints appraisal and remediation design to enable the client to make investment decisions and apply for funding to build the development. Sweco completed the design of the northern part.

The client submitted a funding application to the Green Infrastructure Fund (a European Regional Development Fund) in early 2019 to support the development of the northern part as green space for public use.

A development options appraisal is ongoing for the southern part of the site. This area is much less constrained than the northern part, offering a wider range of potential options.


Until the 1960s, the Cuningar Loop site was filled with mining spoil and other landfilling material. The site was left to stagnate and became overgrown with dense vegetation. The client has already developed the Phase I area of the Cuningar Loop, an area of land within a meander of the River Clyde, with public open space comprising bike tracks, bouldering walls and miles of walkways.




Our multi-disciplinary team of consultants reviewed existing site information, identified data gaps, and completed the following site surveys.

• Geo-environmental – assessment of ground conditions to identify environmental impacts on future site users and environmental receptors
• Geotechnical – to understand construction requirements and risk associated with mine works, which included an open mineshaft
• Ecology – to understand the extent of protected species, including badgers and otters, and to develop action plans to enable development
• Utilities – desk-based survey of the site and surrounding area
• Landscape Architecture - design optioneering and final design for the public open space across 50% of the site to support the funding application

Providing a single team of consultants ensured seamless integration of the survey results into the final report and presentation to the Client’s board which informed their decision-making and funding applications. This one-team approach also enabled the client to submit their funding application on time as we were able to easily call upon the wider Sweco business for support and expertise.

Primary Services:

• Ground condition surveys
• Geotechnical and Mining Assessment and investigation
• Ecological surveys (including protected species)
• Desk-based utilities survey
• Landscape Architecture - design optioneering and final design
• Development Options Appraisal