Ely Road Landfill Site Waterbeach

Environmental services for a landfill site in Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire.


Client: Amey

Services: Advisory & Planning

Value: >£1m


The Ely Road landfill is a former gravel quarry that has undergone various phases of landfilling, including dilute and disperse areas and fully uncontained landfill cells.


Our team were responsible for the design of numerous landfill cells, including the undertaking of ground investigations, geotechnical slope stability design and preparation of earthworks specifications (CQA Plans). We also managed quality assurance of the earthworks undertaken during the construction of the containment system, ensuring it complies with the earthworks specification/design, including site supervision, geotechnical validation sampling and testing, and reporting.

In support of the landfill operations, we provided environmental consultancy services, including environmental permit applications, settlement analysis and volume calculations of the waste body, as well as providing client support with respect to review and planning of environmental monitoring requirements.

As part of the containment system along an area of former dilute and disperse landfilling, we undertook the design of a circa 900m sheet pile wall. The works included extensive ground investigation and geotechnical analysis, detailed design, obtaining approval from the Environment Agency and overseeing the installation of the sheet pile wall.