Five Pancras Square, King's Cross, London

Five Pancras Square is the new headquarters for Camden Council, which achieved completion in August 2014. The 13-storey mixed use property includes office accommodation, a library, an access centre and leisure centre facilities, including two swimming pools, a fitness suite and studios. Sweco acted as the Building Services Consultants, BREEAM Accredited Professional and BREEAM Assessor for the project. The building was awarded a BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ rating, having achieved the highest BREEAM score of 97.6% for a building of this type in the UK.

Key Facts


  • Client base build: King’s Cross Central General Partners Ltd
  • Client fit-out: Camden Council
  • Architect: Bennetts Associates
  • Services: Base build and fit-out building services design, BREEAM AP, BREEAM Assessor
  • Time period: Completed in August 2014
  • Floor area: 15,000 m²
  • Heating capacity: 2.5 MW
  • Cooling capacity: 2.25 MW
  • Generator: 650 kVA
  • Lifts: 10

Environmental Features

  • Optimised façade design with potential for mixed mode ventilation in future
  • Very good daylight factor throughout the office accommodation, 3%
  • All heating and power from site wide CHP energy centre
  • PV Array at roof level
  • Rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling
  • Intelligent lighting controls
  • EPC rating <25
  • Bespoke BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ rating.


  • Final BREEAM Score: 97.60 % included:
  • Waste 100 %
  • Land use and ecology 100 %
  • Management 100 %
  • Transport 100 %
  • Energy 91.87 %
  • Health and Wellbeing 92.27 %


Sweco’s building services specialists played a key role in establishing a detailed client brief which outlined Camden Council’s operational and functional requirements, as well as setting ambitious sustainability and energy efficiency targets.  It was a planning requirement that the 22,500 m² building achieved a minimum rating of BREEAM ‘Excellent’.  However, Sweco’s BREEAM Accredited Professionals were influential in persuading Camden Council, the developer and project team that a Bespoke BREEAM Outstanding would be possible.  It was an audacious objective since, at the time, there had never been an ‘Outstanding’ building that incorporated a leisure centre, library and office accommodation.

Five Pancras Square


  • Establish the design brief
  • Set a very high standard of social, economic and environmental sustainability, with very low CO2 emissions, consistent with London Borough of Camden’s ‘Corporate Sustainable Design and Construction Standards’ policy document
  • Achieve a Bespoke BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ rating
  • Provide a working and leisure environment which is inclusive and fully accessible to people with disabilities and exceeds DDA legislation wherever possible
  • Provide flexible space to accommodate new ways of working and future change
  • Maximise the potential of new IT solutions to facilitate flexible working.
  • Safeguard investment value over the lifetime of the building
  • Provide a building which is economical and affordable, with low running costs and maintenance.


Sweco produced a detailed sustainability implementation plan, which was used as a tracker throughout the design and construction stages, helping to de-risk the process as well as give clear instructions to all the designers and the main contractor on their deliverables.

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