Irton WTW

As part of the Yorkshire Water AMP6 Medium Treatment Framework, MS2JV were appointed by Yorkshire Water to undertake works at Irton Water Treatment Works. The scheme related to water quality as agreed with the Drinking Water Inspectorate.


Client: Yorkshire Water

Location: Irton, Scarborough

Date: 2016 - 2018

Value: £14 million 


Yorkshire Water undertook investigations and an options appraisal for the works required on the site and developed a notional solution for the works. The outline design / notional solution was to Install a pesticide removal plant, based upon a Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Adsorbion and Ozonation process built in an area currently occupied by the old clarifier plant. pH correction was also to be installed upstream of the ActifloTM plant to achieve effective clarification and reduce Cryptosporidium risk.

Yorkshire Water commissioned MS2JV to undertake investigation, risk and value assessment on the business risks and proposed notional solution.

MS2JV produced a cost proposal for the client’s notional solution which was fully compliant with the client’s Specifications and Asset Standards.

The capital cost of this solution was out with Yorkshire Water’s budgetary constraints and MS2JV drove a detailed risk and value process to confirm the business risks and identify alternate solutions.


Irton WTW supplies two Service Reservoirs in the Scarborough area; Springhill and Low Mount, these feed Scarborough and the surrounding area. Demand profiles are seasonably variable. The site has an abstraction licence for 23.5TCMD. On average, the works supplies around 16TCMD.

Primary services:

• Feasibility Study
• Process Design
• Optioneering
• Geotechnical Investigations
• Environmental Surveys
• Environmental permit applications
• Stakeholder Management
• Hydraulic Analysis
• Civil & Structural Engineering Design
• MEICA Design
• Cost Assessments

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The Investigation, Risk and Value process concluded that the Ozonation stage would not provide good value.

The solution at Irton WTW is:

• Modifications to Actiflo distribution
• New inlet manifold to RGFs for equal flow distribution
• New Interstage Pumping Station
• New Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) plant
• New Contact Tanks
In addition, in order to ensure optimum operation of the process and ensure the correct pH level is maintained:
• New Aluminium Sulphate
• Sodium Hydroxide
• Sulphuric Acid
• Sodium Hypochlorite
• Chemical delivery, storage and dosing installations are also provided
• Ancillary works, static mixer chambers, new internal roads and a de-chlorination chamber
• HV / LV Power upgrade

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