Owner's Engineer Anerobic Digestion Projects

Sweco has been appointed to perform the role of ‘Owner’s Engineer’ on over 25 farm scale Anaerobic Digestion (AD) sites across the UK. By undertaking this role Sweco support the client by helping drive the project forward during the construction and testing periods. This enables the client to confirm acceptance of milestone & release payments to the EPCM Contractor.


Client: Various Investor

Date: 2014 - Present

Location: Multiple UK Locations

Value: A typical site that has 12 visits is £24,000


The inspection visits occur at intervals, influenced by the construction and commissioning programme.

Each site visit will involve the inspection and certification of works on site (both in construction and testing periods). During the construction phase Sweco will review the projects design package & programme to ensure the site is compliant. Depending on the stage of construction & type of inspection, differing specialists will attend the visit to certify the works (e.g. civil, mechanical etc.). During the testing period, Sweco will review the terms and conditions set out in the contract to ensure testing methodologies are being adhered to. Sweco will visit site on the day of testing and then analyse whether the test has passed or failed.

The findings of Sweco’s visit will be submitted to the client in the form of a report and be produced shortly after the visit.

Sweco hold regular conference calls with the EPCM contractor to help drive the project. Sweco discuss the project activities set out in the programme. The main points
of discussion are:

  • Commentary on site progress vs program (to identify activities completed, activities progressing and activities behind schedule)
  • Key risks to the project
  • Identify if there are delays, if so then why these have happened and what actions have been put in place to mitigate these risks
  • Any unexpected work on site
  • Any additional costs being incurred by the project
  • Any potential issues on site
  • Snagging issues
  • Sweco recommend that these conference calls are held at least monthly.


  • Review of construction work against programme
  • Notify the client of any delays & the impact the delays will have on the project
  • Ensure work constructed to date is to standard
  • Confirm if construction documents are being produced and filed correctly on site
  • Report on any Health and Safety concerns on-site
  • Certify and sign off EPCM Contractor works as compliant with the claimed progress and design intent
  • Attendance for site acceptance tests & certification
  • Witness and sign off performance testing & functional testing
  • Report any snags or concerns