Pinebanks, Beech Hill and Langley School Norwich

Ecological services at the 22ha site of the former Langley Preparatory school and Pinebanks building.


Client:  A.T. Coombes Associates Ltd.

Services: Advisory & Planning


Sweco was appointed to undertake a preliminary ecological appraisal to assess the ecological constraints of a 22ha site comprising three separate parcels of land and a large belt of ancient woodland (with the ancient woodland to be retained).


An extended phase 1 habitat survey and preliminary bat roost assessment confirmed that the habitats within the development footprint were suitable for reptiles, bats, badgers, hedgehogs, and a common bird assemblage. Further surveys were recommended to ensure the development could proceed without any wildlife crimes being committed.

Bat emergence/re-entry surveys were undertaken to confirm the presence/likely absence of bat roosts associated with the 12 of the buildings to be affected by the proposals.

Our ecology team provided recommendations for mitigation concerning statutory designations and protected species to ensure that the housing development was compliant with wildlife legislation and suitable for approval.


  • Bat surveys designed to minimise the number of visits required, reducing the cost to the client, and saving time whilst ensuring data collection was appropriate to inform mitigation.
  • Recommendations provided for a bat mitigation licence to cover all buildings on site.