Queen Elizabeth 2 Bridge Joint Replacement Dartford

Design of Temporary Access Works to Piers N4 and S4 of the QE2 suspension bridge.


Client: Connect Plus DBFO

Service: Infrastructure

Main Contractor: Jackson Frameworks


Works comprised the replacement of worn out joints on the QE2 bridge over the River Thames at Dartford under a framework arrangement with Connect Plus and Jackson Frameworks. The logistical challenge of providing access to the underside of the bridge deck some 50m above ground level to allow work to continue while normal traffic was operating was solved by providing a scaffold stair and temporary hoist fixed to the piers closest to the main finger joints accessible from the land.

The physical constraints of the deck beams and the substantial design movements at the pier/deck interfaces required careful consideration and the use of complex cantilever supports at the pier head. Limited headroom at the pier head level also presented challenges and necessitated a good understanding of the construction operation needs of the contractor for the joint replacements.

The hoist to the South Pier and its cantilever landing platform were later validated for use as a permanent installation through the AIP process.

The project was recognised at the British Construction Industry Awards 2015 in the Temporary Works Category.