Redevelopment of Hounslow Civic Centre

Bringing a vast experience in behavioural change projects and travel planning, our transport planners developed the Travel Plan to establish sustainable travel patterns for this redevelopment project.


Client: Notting Hill Genesis

Architect: Allies and Morrison

Location: London Borough of Hounslow

Date: 2017 - Present


Notting Hill Genesis and Linkcity created a partnership to redevelop Hounslow Civic Centre, that will deliver 919 new homes in central Hounslow, the site of a former Civic Centre. The project, which forms part of Hounslow Council’s overall redevelopment in the area, will be delivered in phases.

Sweco’s transport planners were commissioned to prepare a Residential Travel Plan, in advance of the completion of Phase 1, and to undertake the site’s Travel Plan Coordinator role. Once approved by Hounslow Council in April 2018, the Travel Plan was implemented by our Travel Plan Coordinator, who continues to provide support to new residents and the Local Authority in monitoring private car usage.


• Travel Planning
• Travel Plan Coordinator
• Local Authority and Stakeholder Liaison

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