Redevelopment of 46-52 Norman Road, Greenwich, London


Client: Notting Hill Genesis

Architect: BPTW Partnership

Location: Royal Borough of Greenwich

Date: 2017 - Present


The redevelopment of 46-52 Norman Road, Saxon Wharf, aims to deliver a residential-led mixed-use scheme in central Greenwich. The proposals, which comprise of 142 new homes and ground floor commercial accommodation, by Notting Hill Genesis are in the area previously designated for mixed-use commercial and residential buildings by the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Sweco’s transport planners, who are experienced in engaging with officers at the Royal Borough of Greenwich, developed a Transport Strategy and the proposed waste collection regime. In preparing reports to support the planning application, our team also contributed to the site’s masterplan and developed strategies for disabled parking and sustainable travel. The site’s proximity to Docklands Light Railway (DLR), National Rail services, and Deptford Creek, which will feature as a prominent walking route, was emphasised.

The site has officer’s recommendation for approval. 


• Transport Assessment
• Swept Path Analysis
• Travel Plan
• Delivery and Servicing Plan
• Waste storage

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