Remote Asset Management at Anglian Water

Sweco engineers advised Anglian Water on how to improve the operation of their existing telemetry systems. They devised a reporting system and dashboard, which helped staff better understand and prioritise alarm calls. They also developed training for the maintenance staff. This led to an overall improvement in maintenance, with a significant reduction in the numbers of unplanned work orders and alarm calls, saving time and freeing up resources, with no loss of service or reduction in compliance.

Key Facts

Client: Anglian Water


Sweco piloted a remote asset management policy programme, within the pumping station estate, specifically the telemetry system and alarm handling process. The team developed a suite of reports customised to the plant equipment, along with a dashboard, which prioritised the high risk areas and helped maintenance staff better understand the meaning of the alarm call and its level of urgency. 


Anglian Water sought help in improving their remote asset management practices, specifically through their management of maintenance, operational response and decision making via their existing telemetry equipment. The operations and maintenance staff needed to find a way to better manage and prioritise the high number of alarm calls generated by the telemetry. They also needed help in identifying key assets and high risk assets: those where service delivery would be at risk if they failed. In some cases Sweco also helped identify assets about to fail. 


Sweco advised on asset management policies and processes and helped embed these into the business, to enable more proactive interventions and minimise the number of unplanned interventions required.

The pilot programme led to a reduction in unplanned job volumes of 10,000 jobs per annum for the sewage pumping station estate, delivering a potential benefit of £1m. This also created a “capacity release”, enabling other activities to be resourced. The programme lead to a 30% reduction in generated alarms, a 22% reduction in alarm related work orders, a 30% reduction in “same day” work orders with all completed causing no reduction in compliance or increase in failures.

The programme won an award at Anglian Waters ‘We love What We Do’ awards.