Salthouse Harbour Hotel Flood Risk Assessment Ipswich

Sweco undertook a Flood Risk Assessment, in accordance with PPS25: Development and Flood Risk, for a major extension to the Salthouse Harbour Hotel.


Client: Salthouse Harbour Hotel

Services: Buildings, Infrastructure

Main Contractor: ISG Jackson

Architect: Barefoot and Gilles

Value: £4m


Located right on the waterfront in Ipswich, this site is in an interesting location from a Flood Risk viewpoint.

The Environment Agency initially raised objections to the scheme on grounds of flood risk. However, our team were successful in demonstrating the acceptability of the scheme in Flood Risk terms through negotiations with the Local Planning Authority and Environment Agency, and the provision of a carefully considered Flood Risk Assessment showing how the scheme would result in reduced Flood Risk, compared with the pre-development situation.


The result was a reduced flood risk compared to existing use.