Smart Traffic

There is an increase in the availability of data which can be used to understand, predict and optimise how people move across our towns and cities. Data availability spans from traditional loop sensors in the road to support traffic signal control to GPS location data collected from increasing quantities of intelligent sensors and electronic devices. The key challenge is harnessing this to support more efficient transport infrastructure and ultimately cut congestion and CO2 emissions.


Local Authorities are now looking at how such data can be used to control congestion, refine public transport and create the transport systems of the future. In response to our client demands, Sweco has developed smart traffic, a cloud-based traffic control solution, which predicts traffic conditions to maximise the efficiency of a junction. In addition to improving the efficiency of the network, smart traffic systems:

  • Allow the addition of multiple data sources to support signal optimisation
  • Provide intelligent interfaces with public transport and emergency vehicles to prioritise their transition through a Smart Traffic Controlled junction
  • Provide data to approaching vehicles to support integration with connected and autonomous vehicles
  • Are tailored to client specific needs and priorities

Smart Traffic vs. the UK’s leading traffic signal control

In November 2019, Sweco developed the UK’s first traffic simulation model comparing smart traffic to the industry’s leading optimised vehicle actuation technology. We selected a typical junction in Glasgow which included pedestrians and multiple stages and the results demonstrated numerous improvements to the operation of the junction using smart traffic. The results reflected the findings released by our Dutch colleagues who have designed the award-winning smart traffic system which is already in operation in Helmond and Almelo.