South Cathkin Landfill Site Restoration

Sweco produced an innovative solution for the restoration of South Cathkin Landfill site as required by the restoration and closure requirements of the Planning Authority (South Lanarkshire Council) and the Regulator (SEPA).


Client: Glasgow City Council

Location: Cathkin, East Kilbride

Value: £16M

Date: 2015-2017


Sweco were appointed by the Glasgow City Council under our existing Landfill Consultancy Framework to provide a range of services relating to the restoration and development of the South Cathkin Landfill Site, in line with the requirements of the sites PPC Permit.


The South Cathkin Landfill Site is owned and operated by the Glasgow City Council, with the site accepting non-hazardous waste (predominantly municipal solid waste) between 2001 and 2013.

Sweco Services:

• Planning restoration
• Void utilisation
• Landfill tax advice
• Stakeholder liaison
• Design for containment, capping, landscaping, surface water drainage and landfill gas management
• Construction cost estimates
• Works phasing
• Production of contract documents (ICE 5th Edition, MCHW and CESMM4)
• Tender management and report
• Construction quality assurance and validation
• Contract management
• CDM – Principal Designer and Designer Roles
• Site supervision


Our design included an innovative revised planning restoration profile. The revised design significantly reduced the material importation requirements for the restoration of the site, saving the client £10M in costs. We completed the containment design to meet non-hazardous standards, Landfill Directive and the site’s PPC Permit. The works included landfill containment, landfill capping, surface water management, landscaping and ancillary works. As Principal Designer, we were responsible for stakeholder liaison with SLC, SEPA, residents, landowners and contractors.