Swanley Transport Study


Client: Sevenoaks District Council and Kent County Council

Location: Swanley, Kent

Date: 2017 - Present


Sweco was appointed by Sevenoaks District Council and Kent County Council to carry out a full and comprehensive Transport Strategy Plan, to facilitate development included in the emerging Local Plan and to improve the town’s sustainable economic vitality and transport infrastructure.

This transport study investigated and established the main existing and future issues in Swanley and suggested many initiatives to mitigate them through feasible measures that can be implemented over the short, medium and long-term. The Transport Strategy is part of the evidence base for the Sevenoaks Local Plan and considers the impact of 2000 additional dwellings, significant additional employment, retail and leisure amenities within the town. The transport strategy specifically recommends highway and streetscape improvements that will accelerate the regeneration of Swanley.

Sweco produced Stage 1 and Stage 2 reports and presented the Transport Strategy to members and officers at Sevenoaks District Council, Swanley Town Council and Kent County Council.

Sweco was selected for this task specifically due to its wide-ranging transport knowledge and experience.


• Transport Strategy
• Transport Study
• Transport Planning

Please view a masterplan of the project here.