Technical Advisor To Portfolio Of Energy Storage Projects

Sweco has been commissioned by Astra Ventures to provide technical advice and other services on their portfolio of energy projects including gas generation, battery storage, photovoltaic and hybrid installations.


Client: Astra Ventures

Date: 2016 - Present 

Location: UK wide 


As the UK's renewable energy industry grows, the transmission network run by National Grid must cope with greater fluctuations in power generation, often at very short notice. This is driven by the higher intermittency of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power generation.

When these fluctuations occur, National Grid must respond immediately to keep the transmission grid balanced and within the required frequency range.

These projects store electricity at times of low network demand and re-distribute the stored electricity to the grid at times of high demand when the network is in system stress. By addressing grid imbalances, power cuts are prevented.


Astra Ventures is a low carbon and renewable energy infrastructure developer and advisor. Astra Ventures has plans to build, own and operate a portfolio of utility-scale energy generation and energy storage assets across the UK to provide a range of grid balancing and ancillary services to the National Grid.


  • Project investment appraisal and strategy
  • Managing grid connection process
  • Planning and permitting
  • Grid interface and system design
  • Hybrid energy system design
  • Technology selection
  • Multi-disciplinary support
  • Owner’s engineer

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"“The energy storage market has high growth potential. We are already seeing the benefits of working with leading engineers, environment and design consultancy Sweco. Their multidisciplinary expertise provides a one-stop shop to support the rapid expansion of our diverse energy portfolio.”"
Adriano Satta, Director of Astra Ventures