Vacuum Drainage Systems

Derived from proven technology used in the rail, marine and aviation industry, the latest generation of vacuum drainage systems provide a modern and effective alternative to traditional gravity drainage, for both commercial and residential developments.


Vacuum drainage systems can offer significant savings, using approximately 80% less water compared to traditional toilets, thereby reducing the building's total water consumption. Additionally, a vacuum drainage system can operate using rainwater or recycled grey water collected from showers, baths and washbasins, eliminating the use and cost of fresh water for toilet flushing.

Working collaboratively with a client, a vacuum drainage system has been used on a prestige office project in the heart of London's financial district.

Vacuum Drainage Systems


The utilisation of vacuum drainage, coupled with recycled water system is predicted to generate water savings equal to 11 Olympic swimming pools per year, or in other words what 450 families would use for bathing and showering in a year!

The water savings achieved by utilising a vacuum drainage system are also recognised in environmental assessments and certification schemes like BREEAM and LEED as delivering the highest ratings with the potential for additional innovation recognition.


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