Wixams Village 4 Bedford

Wixams is a new development and covers an area of 384 hectares. It will provide homes for a community of 10,000 people, with the potential for further expansion, and represents the single largest development in the County of Bedfordshire.


Client: Gallagher Estates

Service: Infrastructure

Value: £3m


The development comprises four villages around a town centre. Residential parcels are interspersed with employment, schools, shops, community buildings and generous landscaping and recreational space. Sweco’s highway engineers were lead consultant for the infrastructure associated with Village 4 of Wixams.

Village 4 includes 1.2km of new Section 38 highway to provide access into the adjacent development parcels and is accessed via a new roundabout built on the existing B530 with Sweco designing the Section 278 (existing highway) works associated with this.

Sweco worked closely with their sub-consultant landscape architect to ensure both character and function of highways were maintained.


Sweco were responsible for the full infrastructure design for Village 4 which crosses the boundary between two local highway authorities. This presented a unique challenge, as the highway design for the adjoining areas needed to reflect the requirements of each adopting authority.

Sweco assisted with the tender of the works for the client and undertook project management of third parties.