A transition to sustainable energy systems is underway across the globe. Sweco’s energy experts work across the entire energy supply chain. Focus is on how energy is produced, distributed where it’s needed, and consumed as efficiently as possible. The result is a reliable, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable energy supply.


  • Building and Specialist Structural Engineering
  • District Heating
  • E-mobility
  • Energy Storage
  • Gas to Grid and Biomethane Upgrading
  • Grid Services
  • Lenders/Owners Engineer and Due Diligence Services
  • Offshore Wind
  • Onshore Wind and Hydro
  • Solar
  • Thermal, Biomass and CCGT
  • Waste and Regulatory

Building and Specialist Structural Engineering

Sweco specialists build sustainable structures with people in mind: structures that are accessible, built for people to live and work in, that can be easily maintained, refurbished, and eventually be removed safely, all with minimum environmental impact.

Our expertise ranges from structural assessments through to detailed design with buildability, value and environmental impact being at the forefront. We work in collaboration with other members of the project team to ensure smooth delivery and added value to the client.

Our civil and structural engineers are experts in a wide range of project types including commercial, industrial, education, leisure, private sector, retail as well as water retaining structural design and detailing, including major civil structures.

We stay at the leading edge of innovation and technology. Our teams use BIM (Building Information Modelling) during project planning, design and construction. Our analysis and design programmes are three dimensional and fully integrate with the three dimensional drawing systems to provide a seamless interface for our projects.

Please view our Buildings & Structures Brochure here.