Tomorrow’s communities are facing many environmental challenges – which can only be managed by an experienced advisor with recognised expertise. Sweco’s environmental specialists create inhabitable environments using careful planning and creative thinking. Our multi-disciplinary environment team offer pragmatic deliverable solutions to ensure that developments work in harmony with their surrounding environment and that impacts are managed in a sustainable way.


  • Acoustics, Environmental Noise & Vibration
  • Due Diligence Services
  • Contaminated Land and Water Quality
  • Ecology
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Ground Engineering
  • Sustainable Development and Planning
  • Waste and Resources Management

Acoustics, Environmental Noise & Vibration

Managing noise in the urban environment is a considerable challenge due to density of development, particularly for brown-field sites, and due to the presence of existing sources such as the transport networks.

Environmental noise has the potential to cause annoyance or sleep disturbance, and has been linked to health effects such as hypertension. The exposure to noise and vibration is site-specific and it is common for UK planning authorities to require a robust consideration of the effects of noise and vibration on a proposed sensitive development.

Noise and vibration generated by a development site, during both construction and operation, also needs consideration. UK planning authorities commonly require developers to limit noise from their proposed development both during construction and upon completion, particularly with regards to noise from mechanical plant and machinery.

The Sweco acoustics team will work closely with our customers, to develop a clear understanding of the needs of each individual project application. We will support the planning application through providing noise impact assessments, site feasibility assessments and supporting the environmental impact assessment where required.

We will assist the customer with developing a concept design that minimises the risks of later design restrictions due to environmental noise or due to noise emissions from the site itself.

Sweco provide focused, bespoke advice to meet our customer’s requirements in a pragmatic and straightforward way.