Tomorrow’s communities are facing many environmental challenges – which can only be managed by an experienced advisor with recognised expertise. Sweco’s environmental specialists create inhabitable environments using careful planning and creative thinking. Our multi-disciplinary environment team offer pragmatic deliverable solutions to ensure that developments work in harmony with their surrounding environment and that impacts are managed in a sustainable way.


  • Acoustics, Environmental Noise & Vibration
  • Due Diligence Services
  • Carbon Management
  • Contaminated Land and Water Quality
  • Ecology
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Ground Engineering
  • Sustainable Development and Planning
  • Waste and Resources Management

Carbon Management

As industry leaders in carbon management, Sweco helps clients unlock the many benefits from tackling carbon.

In our experience, a practical and robust carbon management strategy can bring as many benefits to the bottom line, as to the environment.

Whether it’s a commitment to climate change mitigation or for compliance requirements, Sweco helps clients to look at a project from a fresh perspective, to help drive innovation, improve health and safety (for example, through less time on site for construction), increase resilience to energy and significantly reduce costs.

Our engineers enable clients to achieve their carbon reduction targets without overcomplicating the process. Sweco has a range of methods to measure and reduce carbon emissions that meet current and future requirements, and help clients to remain competitive, in an increasingly carbon constrained business environment.



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