Tomorrow’s communities are facing many environmental challenges – which can only be managed by an experienced advisor with recognised expertise. Sweco’s environmental specialists create inhabitable environments using careful planning and creative thinking. Our multi-disciplinary environment team offer pragmatic deliverable solutions to ensure that developments work in harmony with their surrounding environment and that impacts are managed in a sustainable way.


  • Acoustics, Environmental Noise & Vibration
  • Carbon Management
  • Contaminated Land and Water Quality
  • Ecology
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Ground Engineering
  • STAG
  • Sustainable Development and Planning
  • Waste and Resources Management
  • WebTAG

Ground Engineering

Safety during construction as well as for the end user are at the core of our ground engineering expertise.

Our ground engineering team ensures that hazards to construction and development are identified, so that the risks can be managed. This allows our clients to be given vital evidence at the earliest opportunity, backed with practical advice as to the technical and commercially viable solutions.

We use a range of techniques, including desk study, analytical modelling and site investigation, along with continual investment in development, to ensure our team of engineers is equipped with the best possible information and skills to assess and advise.

Whether as client advisors or in design and build partnerships, we work closely with geotechnical and construction contractors at every level - on conceptual solutions, design and development, constructability, design and procurement strategies or detailed designs to offer a clear technical and commercial advantage.



  • Jennifer
    Development and Environment Director
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  • Colin
    Technical Director
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  • Matthew
    Technical Director
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